Momentum is growing

I think that one of the things that makes it so challenging for me to get timely updates on this site is… My desire to make it very nice looking. Finding pictures to use, laying everything out (when this editing interface is clumsy), it’s all just too much sometimes! 😉

That said, I’m not even sure that I can recall all of the wonderful things that I want to share about what the Burrito Riders of Lou have been up to (and what the Burrito Riders of Htgn have to look forward too!).

It’s kind of a lot of information, grab yourself a cup of tea maybe…

In the past week or 2 weeks we have:

– Struck up a relationship with the folks down at the Campbell St. camp! We’ve met and started to spend some time with Ray (the mayor, if you will), Mary (designated Ray’s title), and others and we’ve been so amazed by their care and generosity. These folks take care of each other, share what they have to share, protect each other, and just generally seem for all appearances like a family. In the past couple of weeks we’ve been down there with some food and some supplies, and we’re going to stay plugged in to that community as time goes on.  A note about these folks: Ray called me yesterday to tell me that someone recently came through their camp and stole their food stores of canned goods. If you would like to help them replenish their food supply, please email us, and I’ll put you in touch with a contact in Louisville who will coordinate your donation!

– Received an amazing gift! We have recently been blessed with a very generous gift, earmarked specifically for helping us “get legit.” One of our supporters has put so much into our ministry by providing material goods for the community and, most recently, a gift of $1000 to be spent on seeking LLC, and then 501(c)(3), status. This has been something we have wanted to do for sometime and haven’t had the financial means to accomplish, being a small (but growing!) group of volunteers. At a time when we felt a real urgency to legally protect our organization and to better serve the people whom we love to serve, without any idea how we were going to make it happen, this gift showed up and we experienced some of God’s grace.

– Begun to see this thing BLOW UP! Did you know that two rides back we generated over 350 burritos? We handed out around 240 and put the rest in the freezer for a rainy day. This past week, we got even more burritos to hand out (over 250!) and still had another 80 or so in the deep freeze. We’re getting new riders showing interest and new groups and individuals who want to cook for us. We have just been surrounded by love and support and, my goodness, it feels good to be able to roll out to meet these folks on cold mornings knowing that we have such a growing base of support making it all possible. UPDATE: So excited to announce that the BRL will be joined by the High School Youth of St. Mary’s Navilleton. Rock on, I can’t wait to hear how their ride goes!

– Gotten into the headlines! I was contacted last week by a reporter for the Marshall University newspaper, The Parthenon, to do a story on the coming of the Burrito Riders of Huntington. I had a great time talking with her and am pretty stoked about the story she wrote about us! I don’t even mind my one or two bone-headed quotes because, taken out of context, “There’s nothing legit about us to this point,” is pretty funny… SMH Read it for yourself! (We’ve also been approached by a second Htgn news outlet, so stay tuned…)

– Had our first, sorta/kinda board meeting! Well, okay, it was 4 out of 5 of us and it was highly social, but we got some stuff done too! And we have had a chance to discuss the change-over logistics of my moving to WV and keeping things here oiled and rolling smoothly. We couldn’t have kicked it off in a better way. We all met up and our first order of business was to head over to the camp and provide them with some items that we’d collected for them. It was a cold night and we rolled in there with some extra blankets, pillows, and other necessities. Mary and Ray took us for a night-time walk through the camp, and we thoroughly enjoyed their warmth and welcome. And Mary is hilarious, so that was fun too.

– WE’VE GONE ALL LEGIT! We’re now officially (The) Burrito Riders, LLC. Our next stop on the legally recognized circuit is to learn more about becoming a 501(c)(3) non-profit org. On that note, anyone who has any experience with 501s who hand out food, we’d like to talk with you!

Also, in the past week or 10 days I have had the opportunity to reflect on how much I love and appreciate the folks who make this all happen with me, and, in a very real sense, for me. It’s their encouragement and embrace that keeps us moving forward. I can’t possibly thank everyone who has made us what we are, for the folks we serve, but I can begin to recognize some folks who I am better for serving with.

My wife, Amanda, the one who originally inspired me with this idea, and the one who, week after week, not only puts up with me, but encourages me. It’s because of she and Brennan and Keir that the Burrito Riders began with the hope of making something just a little bit better.

Ryan, Curt, and John, three guys who are my counsel and my captains. I recall becoming acquainted with each of these folks, in the same community but under disparate circumstances, and I never could have guessed that I would come to rely on them so much as co-conspirators and friends.

Stephanie, who has embraced the philosophy of “doing for one what you wish you could do for all,” a concept introduced to me by Ryan (see?!). Stephanie was one of the first women riders to join the BR. From the first day she made it her mission to connect with the women in the community who might not relate to us guys as well. She’s developed a relationship that seems to be growing into a friendship with one such member and has provided a great deal of love and emotional support for her through some tough times.

Sam and Kim, because Sam has been such a joy to ride with and get to know, but also because when he is able to join us for a ride, he’s usually packing some burritos that Kim and the family have made for our folks.

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Awesome week

The Camp across the tracks

The Camp across the tracks

What a week! #Blessed

It’s an “ironic hashtag,” I never use them! 😉

We have been doing this whole thing for almost a year now, and the growth has been amazing to watch and just crazy of late! This week was such a victory on the giving front, such a change from the norm.
The “norm” has been us calling in as many favors as we can during the latter-half of the week to ensure that we’ve got our food needs covered. Anyone who has followed the social media outlets for the ‘Riders knows that this week we had it covered by the Sunday before… And then it kept coming in. And kept coming… 😉 By the end, God and the community had blessed us with 355 burritos for our friends downtown. You could’ve just about knocked me over! We rode out on Saturday with 240 burritos and still have over 100 in the freezer for our next ride! So much joy…

Gettin' our pre-ride prayer on!

Gettin’ our pre-ride prayer on!

Hot Burritos comin' through!

Hot Burritos comin’ through!

Thanks to Matt Herp for some of the images from this week’s email/blog
If you would like to help out the cause, caring for folks through hot burritos and warm conversation, you can! Learn more about how you can serve with us, or you can always donate to help our cause! We need every bit of help that we can get, because there are a lot of folks out there who can really use a hand and a kind word.
Mel enjoying a steaming burrito on a cold morning

Mel enjoying a steaming burrito on a cold morning

This is Mel! I’m sure we’ve met before, but this weekend was my first chance to spend some time with him, and it was too much fun. Mel is a man with a tremendous faith, seemingly matched only by his sense of humor and wit. I think we’ll be talking about him more soon. (Hey Mel, it’s Monday!)

In an unexpected and incredible act of giving, a friend of the BR, Steve S., who has been wanting to get involved for a while now, stepped up in a big way for the community. Imagine my surprise when Steve showed up at my house with TWO huge bales of (ridiculously heavy) high-quality moving blankets. He had previously approached me with the moving blanket idea a while back. He thought that they would be good for folks because they are heavy and durable, providing both warmth and protection that is unmatched by a regular blanket. My man Curt and I hitched up the trailers Saturday morning and we split one bale between the two, leaving (hopefully) enough room for the big burrito payload and the water. Curt was a champ too, hauling that load! John bought 4 cases of water, so we had 4 32-pack cases of water, 240 burritos, and 16 heavy blankets split between two trailers. Oh my goodness… 🙂 Anyway, Curt (pictured here, giving out a blanket) and the group gave out all 16 blankets to folks who were so thrilled to have some comfort.

Curt, giving a gentleman a blanket

Curt, giving a gentleman a blanket

After the ride was over, a few of us collected the remaining blankets from my house and took them out to a camp that we’d been told about a few times. Some folks have an encampment (pictured at the top of the email) over the tracks where they stay. As we understand it, they get flushed out occasionally, and then rebuild after a time. Anyway, we took the remaining blankets out to their camp and left them for the group. There were only a couple of people there when we came through, so we hung out for a bit and talked about the camp and how they operate.

As an aside, the Burrito Riders obey strict safety-in-numbers rules and we typically serve in safe, open, neutral areas. Please don’t interpret our walk into the camp as something that we would endeavor to do lightly, or without taking precautions.

You guys may have read, too, about Ray’s donated bicycle and how frustrated he was that his wheels were stolen. Help is on the way! We received not one, but two sets of donated wheels to help out Ray, and also benefit the next person who needs a bike! Big, big gratitude to Vic from Vic’s Classic Bikes on Bardstown road and also to our newest Burrito Rider, Richie J. These guys are heroes for folks like Ray, much love!

Vic's Classic Bikes

Vic’s Classic Bikes

A couple more shots for you to enjoy, care of Matt and myself.

IMG_1455 IMG_1456

photo 1

photo 2

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Huntington is Happening!

We have some AWESOME activity coming out of both of our Burrito Riders’ camps this week!

Chris and Tim, makin' it happen for people who need them.

Chris and Tim, makin’ it happen for people who need them.

First off, from the Huntington gang, we are ready to love on some homeless vets in the area! The BRH hasn’t even held its first official ride and we somehow already have boots on the ground! The Homeless Veterans Resource Center sent out a call to help provide meals to homeless vets celebrating Armed Services Week. The BRH was ready to answer the call and stepped up with what will probably be about 120 burritos spread out over two days of breakfasts. I wish I could be there to help too, but you guys have got this!

The level of support that has come forward to help care for our vets, as well as our awesome Xmas Eve(nt)!, makes me very optimistic for the success of a Huntington Burrito Riders group. Monster thanks go out to my BRH burrito chefs: Chris, Haven, Brandi, my mother-in-law Kathy and nephew Clay, my mom and sisters, Robin, Michelle, and Paige. Also appreciation for my delivery crew, Jim and Edison! All of these folks had family who helped or supported them in some way as well, it’s a lot of people that make this all happen each month.

Also, speaking of “makin’ it happen in Htgn,” take a moment to check out another awesome non-profit group working to make things better in Huntington. My friend, the above-mentioned Chris (Wood), is a partner in an awesome organization that brings music to kids who might not otherwise have access to it. They describe ShineOn! Studios as a way to provide “no cost music and art lessons for at risk and special needs children.” Here’s also an article on why groups like ShineOn! are so critically important to our kids. If you do the FB thing, “Like” these guys and then “Share” them with your FB friends! We can’t do enough to support those who support our community!

ShineOn! Studios

ShineOn! Studios

Thank you, Huntington, I can’t wait to ride with you!

(I’ll try not to say “Awesome!” quite so much…)

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Cold snow, hot burritos

So much going on, so much to be excited about! First off, apologies for being a bit absent this week. I wanted to take some time to sit down and talk about a couple of things, including last week’s outing, but the week just kept getting away from me. Let’s get caught up!

Snow Day

Snow Day

We were finally tested by the weather! We’ve been so fortunate to have been blessed with pretty decent weather each and every time we’ve gone out into he community with our burritos, at most dealing with a little bit of rain. This past week, we were faced with some snow and had to decide to ride, or not to ride (it was the question). Common sense prevailed, thank you Curt and Ryan (and all of our wives!) and we decided to leave the bikes at home and took our out deliveries by truck! Man, talk about getting our logistics ALL kinds of messed up! We were disheveled, to say the least, but we got it together in the end. Matt, Ryan, Curt, and I made the deliveries and got to catch up with a few folks.

They took Ray's wheels...

They took Ray’s wheels…

One thing that was a bit of a bummer was finding out that someone had stolen Ray’s wheels! We’re going to talk soon about a couple of new projects we’re working on, I’m hopeful that I’ll get some writing done this evening. Anyhow, Ryan came to know Ray and discovered that one of the things that he most needed was to be able to find steady work, and be able to reliably get to and from work. We got together around a donated bicycle and, with Ryan doing most of the heavy-lifting on this one, made it possible for Ray to have a bicycle to rely upon. It was just a couple of weeks later when we encountered Ray, this past Ride, and discovered that someone had stolen his wheels. We picked the bike up, still locked where it had been at the time of the crime, and Ryan took it back to his house while we try and find some donated wheels so we can get Ray rollin’ again! In a related story, if you have any old 27″x1.25″ wheels you’d like to donate, we could use them. Email us to arrange donations of any bicycles or parts that you may like to share.

Eric "Driftwood" Thomas

Eric “Driftwood” Thomas

You guys may remember my earlier mention of Eric Thomas (AKA Driftwood) and his driftwood art. I hadn’t seen Eric in a bit, but we had a chance to hang out during our last ride. Eric had a bit of a dust-up with some folks, resulting in the loss of his bicycle and some of his personal property. We’re working on helping him out too, and he’s trying to get his driftwood site updated and back in business as well!

Keir's got the goods!

Keir’s got the goods!

All told, it was a really good day to connect with our folks and spend some time. We also took a couple of bags of warm clothing, pillows, and blankets down with us as well and distributed some of that around. Thank you to all the folks who donated those items! Also a Thank You to Matt Herp for coming out with us again (he’s becoming a real regular!) and taking some photos too. The folks we served were particularly excited that Matt remembered to bring the hot sauce! Matt, Keir’s got your refills!

We ride again this coming Saturday, the 16th! Come out with us and meet some of our friends.

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Country Roads…

Louisville-PostcardThere’s a bumper sticker that I’ve seen around town. It reads “I wasn’t born in Louisville, but I got here as fast as I could.” That’s how I feel about this town; we instantly connected and I can honestly say that, despite the ups and downs, moving to Louisville was one of our best decisions. So it is with great contradiction that I must announce that we are leaving Louisville, but just for a little while… Our plan at the outset is to take a break from Whoville for about 2 years while we focus on my finishing school and some other stuff, and then to return refreshed, degree’d, and ready to get resettled in. As a sign of good faith to our adopted KY home, we are even going to leave all of our stuff here! Why move it and store it in WV if we’re just planning to come back anyway?!

Leaving Louisville will probably be one of the hardest things we’ve had to do, but it will provide us with many benefits for the next couple of years so we’re excited too. Brennan is probably the most excited of all of us because she has never wanted anything more than to live close to family! 🙂 She’ll be bouncing off of the walls. Of everything, one thing that we’ll miss most is Revolution Church of Kentucky. A place of great personal discovery, Brian and Mandy Ebel have created something that will forever set the bar high for any church we should hope to attend while we’re away.

But what about the Burrito Riders?? We’re in very good hands, no worries. We have developed a very solid network of folks who are passionate about what we do, and more importantly who we do it for. We’re brainstorming a couple of logistical options, but when the dust settles you’ll still be able to count on us to deliver love and burritos, every first and third Saturday. We have always been able to do what we do by the grace of God and the generosity of our awesome volunteer Rollers, Riders, and donors, that won’t change just because my zip code does. And, at the end of the day, I’ll still be the guy posting the majority of what you see to the blog, the FB pages for here and there, and the email list (sign up!). The amazing part is about how blessed we feel to be able to leverage this move as a way to introduce the Burrito Riders to a whole new population in distress. Lovin’ on more people than we do already? Sign us up! We have even planned to make the BRH routine a 2nd/4th Saturday gig so that, whenever possible, we can visit Lou and participate in ‘Rides here without having to miss Huntington ‘Rides at the same time.

And we will visit as often as we are able! We have zoo and science center memberships for cryin’ out loud! 😉 Louisville, we love you more than you know. We’ll miss you, and just as Brennan is counting down the days until we move to WV, starting March 10th, we’ll be counting down the days until we return back home.

Heart Lou

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Tomorrow’s Ride, and two weeks later

Ready for the WINTER ride?

Tomorrow is gonna be cold, and we’re ready!

We’re excited to be headed out with the Burrito Riders, here in Louisville tomorrow! It’s going to be a COLD one, possibly a snowy one too. I pulled out the mountain bike so I could rely on the knobbies to help keep me upright, might be something for all of the riders to consider!

We still need burritos for our ride in TWO WEEKS! If you would like to prepare and contribute burritos for our community to enjoy on Feb. 16th, please say so. We need you, and your friends too. Feel free to forward this email on and share the mission of the BR. Our website has great info about us, more being added all the time, with links to discuss how to serve or how to donate! So send this to anyone you think might be down to serve!

Have you heard that we’re expanding?! The Burrito Riders of Huntington roll out for our first ride in April! Come out and support the WV faction!

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The Burrito Riders: The Next Chapter…

Huntington, WV

Huntington, WV

Literally, another chapter OF the Burrito Riders!

The Burrito Riders, WV-style

The ‘Riders are coming to Huntington!

We dipped our burri-toes (sorry) into the waters of Huntington when we held our Xmas Eve(nt) to feed folks at the Huntington City Mission, Branches shelter, Ronald McDonald house, and the WV Homeless Veterans Resource Center. Being from Huntington, Amanda and I did so knowing that what we’d really like to see is a Burrito Riders chapter in our hometown. After being contacted by the WVHVRC last week about helping provide food again in February, we feel like there are enough folks that would support our ministry “back east,” and there are certainly folks who would benefit from it. We’re very proud, and excited, to be able to kick off the BRH. There’s a lot to do, but we’re hoping that we can get our first ride off of the ground in April.

We’ve learned a lot from our outings and interactions here in Louisville, experience which will benefit the Huntington ‘Riders when they put rubber to pavement in the spring. At the same time, it will be exciting to see that group start out small and grow over time.

What can you do, you ask? Volunteer with us! Spread the word! Those of you in Huntington, or who know folks who are, get the word out for us! Soon our BRH Facebook page will go live at and you’ll all want to check it out, Like it, and SHARE IT! In the near future we’ll also implement a FundRazr for the Huntington group’s efforts. As of now, I hope that both groups will coexist on the email group, with messages differentiated in the subject. We’ll see, we’re very excited to see where this goes.

Micah 6:8, the verse that inspired us in the beginning.

Micah 6:8, the verse that inspired us in the beginning.

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Number Nine… Number Nine…

     Yes, Yes… I know. After every ride we have, I always talk about how great it was. But for real, today was pretty fab! First off, our turn-out was phenomenal and it was just a great weekend to showcase NEW VOLUNTEERS! Read on…
(disclosure: this email has really just inspired me to compose 4 other, more involved, emails/posts in the coming days, celebrating projects and relationships we’re working on! It’s in the pipeline, y’all…)

It's eeeaaaaarrrrllllllyyyyy...

It’s eeeaaaaarrrrllllllyyyyy…

It’s so early in the morning when the alarm goes off… You know that “time to make the doughnuts” commercial from back in the day? For a few of us it’s “time to heat up the burritos,” and we love it. (Well, once I wake up anyway.) Today I was stoked to get to the meet-up spot because I knew that we were going to have some folks joining that I was looking forward to meeting. You see, this worked out to be the weekend of the NEW TALENT! We had half of our donated burritos come from new people who had never served with us before. HUGE GRATITUDE to first-time rollers Frank and all of the folks in Stephanie’s bible study group! We had some new riders joining us as well. “Hello and Thank You” to Tara, Emma, and (other) Stephanie, along with some familiar friends. Anytime we can get some fresh blood into the group it always injects everyone with an energy that’s such a joy to share.
Today, when we met at Kroger, there were nine of us in all. We had three brand new riders! We shook hands all the way around, loaded up, and were off by about 9am.
First stop, as always, was Jeff Street. Here we were met by Ryan, who was just hitting the one stop (9 and a 1/2 riders?) with us, the reason being that Ryan had a mission this morning. We are looking for some new acts of service to engage in, and we’re working on an idea involving the donated bicycles we’ve received. Ryan had, during previous rides, connected with a gentleman by the name of Ray. More on Ray in future postings, but Ray and Ryan had been discussing Ray’s need for reliable, sustainable transportation in order to get to work. Ryan took it upon himself to rehab a free bike he’d picked up from Craigslist, partnered it with a helmet, lock, etc, and donated it to Ray so that he could have a means to support himself. It was awesome to be a part of this amazing connection between Ryan and Ray, and I hope to be able to write more extensively about this in the future. It was really amazing for Ryan to take on that project for someone in our community!

Look at 'em go!

Look at ’em go!

I thought about something today that I used to encourage in my co-workers when I managed in retail. I would say, “Try to take at least one person home with you today.” By that, I meant for the employees to seek out opportunities to create at least one experience for a customer that was so meaningful that, at the end of the day, they would carry the pride and pleasure of that experience home with them. This would also serve to help them remember that customer’s name and details of the interaction for future reference in creating outstanding customer experiences.
I was reminded of that today, as I took Leroy home with me. I had a chance to connect with him in a way I hadn’t previously and enjoyed the opportunity to talk with him and learn some of his story. I plan to stay in contact with him and connect with him again so that I can monitor his success and support him emotionally. He’s been on the street since October and is staying at Wayside. He’s recently earned a position at Hotel Louisville working security and will eventually earn a private room for himself there. I can’t wait to see him again so that I can hear how the new job is going. Actually, I’m way overdue to meet up with the GM of HL so maybe I’ll see him at work. (I wanted to link to Hotel Louisville, but I couldn’t find it.)

They Like us!

They Like us!

     Schwowza! Our Facebook page got serious all of the sudden and we now have 211 “Likes” for the Burrito Riders! Now, we just need to get them ALL subscribing to the email!

Please & Thank You

Please & Thank You

Thanks to Curtis for being the first to suggest we resume a previous post-ride tradition, stopping at Please & Thank You for a post ride cup of coffee and a chance to hang out together. It was pretty funny though today, rollin’ up on P&TY with the 9 of us and finding that it was standing room only in that place. We enjoyed some good conversation in a fun atmosphere, good coffee, and a couple of vegan treat options.

Come for the community service, stay for the coffee and conversation!

Pssst… Did you know that our blog supports, and Welcomes, comments?? Click into the comment area and share your thoughts with us!

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Are you flying the Flag?

My girl!

My girl!

This is Brennan, one of our inspirations for all of this Burrito Riders stuff we do. It was so adorable how excited she was to get her own BR sweatshirt, she wouldn’t let me leave the print shop without opening the box and letting her don hers. She’s a cutie-pie, and she’s flying the flag. So can you!

Typically, the BR shirt order is specific to people who have requested and paid for up front, but we have some additional shirts available now for folks who might like to have one and just missed out on the last round of orders.

Here’s what we’ve got available. Our “standard-issue” Burrito Rider green in unisex L and XL, our “Rode Crew” (safety green with reflective silver ink) in unisex M and L, and standard issue BR green hooded sweatshirts in L and XL. Oh, and one Youth S BR green t-shirt for the tiniest rider in your life. Standard-issue: $10, Rode Crew: $12, and sweatshirts: $17. Let me know if you would like to snatch one up, very limited supply.

We also plan to order again, in the future, so if there is a size or color that you would like, but can’t find here, email me or comment on this blog (right here) and I’ll start compiling a list until we have enough quantity to place an order.

Colors and styles

Colors and styles

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A Nice Day for a Ride (and reality check)

     We have it pretty good, you know. Yesterday was kind of a rough day, some ups, mostly downs. As I fumed and fussed, utterly without perspective, it wasn’t until I thought about serving today that I was able to recognize that no matter what went wrong for me yesterday, I am still blessed and more fortunate than a lot of folks.

This model was "fully loaded!"

This model was “fully loaded!”

What’s better than riding with friends to serve in the community? Making some new ones. (That’s my cheese-ball bit.) Today we were joined by a very enthused new rider, who I think we’ll be seeing more of. Matt came out this morning and rode with us and was a great new energy and spirit for the group. None of us take for granted what we do, but at the same time it’s still very refreshing and inspiring to see fresh eyes get to experience our outreach. Awesome to have you Matt, we look forward to riding with you again soon!
We were very fortunate to be able to hand out 195 burritos this morning! Our burritos came from several volunteers who we are privileged to know and have along for “the ‘ride.” It’s a blessing to us to be able to do this, but it’s never enough. Even when we give out 195 burritos, we still have folks who approach us after we’ve run dry and we have to just hope we get them next time. As you can see from the photo above, our trailer was so jam-packed with burritos and water that we had to bungie a cooler bag to the top! (And almost lose it in the street! Good catch, Dunlap!)
One of the folks we met today, a new person for me, was Eric Thomas. Eric is homeless and has been since, I believe, 2008. He’s in the process of trying to get back on his feet, hopes to start a non-profit, and wants to get working again with craft. He creates art and objects out of driftwood. He has a small website that he’s not updated since 2008, which is how he marks the beginning of his homelessness. I hope to get a picture of Eric soon, and learn a little bit more about him. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about Eric’s art, you can check out his site. Eric also has a mountain bike that he’s pretty proud of, and he says he’s going to come out and serve with us sometime!

Didja know that: We’ve posted on Craigslist and we’ve peppered coffee shops with fliers, and we’re getting some real return on those investments! Just in the past 24 hours we’ve gotten 8 or 10 new “Likes” for our Facebook page, and a few subscribers to this email as well! We’re stoked to have you!

They Like us!

They Like us!

Murphy's Law states...

Murphy’s Law states…

I won’t bore you with the minutiae of our lives, but I will potentially entertain you quickly with some of yesterday’s lighter curve balls! I had to make 3 batches of burritos yesterday for today’s ride, plus a small portion of eggless burritos for our allergy folks. So, we’re looking at about 10 cans of beans that needed to be open. Our can opener, which had been limping along at best up to this point, completely imploded before I’d gotten the first can open! Have you ever used a “churchkey” opener (above) for a can? I’m not even sure I did it the right way, but it was a bear opening 10 cans of black beans with this thing! Plus, prior to beginning, I walked into the kitchen and flipped on the lights, only to be rewarded with a buzzing noise and flickering; switch shorted out. Old houses, what are you gonna do? Without the time to run out to the hardware store and buy switches to replace the old ones with, I had to resort to clamp-on lighting (below) to get the job done…

Is God telling me to "Lighten up!"

Is God telling me to “Lighten up!”


ARGH!! Deep breath, focus on tomorrow…

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