Another year, so much to celebrate!

10,000 is a big number.

Dedicated Huntington RIders

Dedicated Huntington Riders

We have been Burrito Ridin’ since March of 2012, and during that time we have been so, so, soooo blessed to have the support of a small army of volunteers and donors. These are people who have not only provided emotional support, but also material support in the form of, you name it…

Burritos, blankets and clothing, bicycles and parts, money, the list goes on and I’m sure I won’t even get close to naming half of it!

Today, we rode in Huntington. Today was, I think, our 45th Burrito Ride between our two cities. As of today, we have distributed OVER 10,600 hot breakfast burritos. 🙂

Think about that number for just a second.

It’s not possible for me to express, in words, what this service means to me because of what it has come to mean to so many people. Through this project we have come closer to people we knew and were friends with, we have come to know new friends, we have created so many relationships with the people whom we serve, and we have come to know so many other wonderful people who serve within our communities, parallel to us and in different ways. It’s been almost two years and we have achieved so much.

Thank you.

I hope you can understand what you have all meant to us and to the communities where we all serve.

What else have we been up to during the past year??

Our Latest #ReBicycle friend

Our Latest #ReBicycle friend

Huntington’s ReBicycle Shop is ALMOST open! We’ve been ReBicyclin’ without a home for a while now, and it’s been an amazing arm of the Burrito Riders. Josh (pictured above) has been volunteering at Harmony House, contributing far more than his requisite 10 hours of service needed to earn his bicycle. He’s been so energetic and dedicated to serving at HH that he’s even managed to get some temporary work out of it! Thursday night Richard, Sean, and I held our 4th once-per-month sidewalk ReBicycle Outreach and Josh was there to lend a hand and rode away on his new bike! He was pretty excited. 🙂

ReBicycle will soon have a shop, of sorts, where we will operate out of for handling donations, working on bikes, etc. Hopefully we’ll be able to move in in the next week or two! In the meantime, we’ve held sidewalk Outreaches where we work on the bicycles of the homeless, recently homeless, and basically anyone who can’t afford to have their bike worked on professionally! If we’ve got the tools, parts, and knowledge, we’re in it to help them out!

ReBicycle has also had a tremendous hand from Tom at Huntington Cycle and Sport! Tom’s been such a great person to have in our corner and we really appreciate some of the things he’s helped us with! Go see him and repay his kindness with your patronage, please!

And, as long as you’re lovin’ on the folks who have helped us love on so many, go grab a bite at Black Sheep Burrito and Brews! Pat, Jeremiah, and the team over there have been with our Huntington group since the beginning and their passion and dedication has not wavered!

Show BOTH of these awesome local Huntington businesses that you love what they’re doing in the community with the Burrito Riders!

Curt, giving out a moving blanket last year

Curt, giving out a moving blanket last year

Right now, in Louisville, we have 8 dozen durable and warm moving blankets waiting to be distributed. These blankets were the gift of an amazing donor who has given so much more than I could have imagined anyone would. 4 dozen of these awesome blankets will be distributed there in the 502, while the remaining 4 dozen will be making their way soon to our Huntington community of folks living outside. Steve, our amazing donor, had the great idea of moving blankets last winter because they’re heavy, durable, warm, and much better suited to the elements encountered living outside. Can’t wait to start passing these out!

2014 is about to happen, if you can believe that! There is still so much for us to do and so many ways we can impact the people around us. Please consider serving with us soon! And if you can’t serve, but want to support, we welcome (and appreciate) all donations!

And if it’s not the Burrito Riders, then serve where you are, with the gifts you have. No one is going to tell you that there’s a wrong way to serve if you’re helping those around you. Don’t succumb to “analysis paralysis” and let the enormity of the suffering in the world overwhelm you. Start small, serve some one close to your home.

Do for a few what you wish you could do for everyone.

It will make a difference.

I could go on, but it’s late and you’ve already read a lot. We’ll do our best to get back into the swing of blogging more frequently, AND using our email list too! (Forgot about that, didn’t we?!) As always, we’re on Twitter and Facebook (KY and WV) too, please “Like,” “Follow,” and SHARE!

#lovepeople #loveservegive

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