Our life’s blood as an organization is a steady flow of volunteers like yourselves! Without you, we don’t have enough burritos, nor do we have enough folks to ride them out into downtown. Our community benefits from not just the hot food that we provide, with your help, but also from the companionship and relationships that we seek to build with each ride. Without your help, we aren’t riding and building the friendships. There are A LOT of ways that you can volunteer. First and foremost (and easiest), sign up for our email list so that you can see all of the updates and requests for volunteers! “Like” us on the Facebook and Share us on your walls to help get the word out!

As of now, we ride twice per month but when this was started it was with the intention to eventually grow to a weekly commitment. Before we get to where we can deliver food each and every Saturday, we’ll need a lot more volunteers on the roster. It takes a pretty hefty effort, spread out over a lot of people, to make this thing happen each time we ride. Tell your friends, classmates, activity groups, coworkers.

We need rollers to make the burritos! We deliver around 200 burritos each ride, and we always run out before all of the open hands get filled.

We need riders to get the burritos downtown! Our rides take place on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month. In Louisville, we meet at 8:30am  at the Kroger on Goss, towards the back of the lot near Subway. In Huntington, we meet at 8:15am at the Kroger on 1st Street, near the back of the lot by the recycling bins. Please RSVP if you would like to ride, and bring your helmet.

If riding or making burritos aren’t your thing, we have other ways to serve. In Huntington, we’re always looking for people to help work on bicycles at the ReBicycle shop.

4 Responses to Volunteer!

  1. ricky says:

    Looking to help however i can. Im from bloomington and am looking for a charity feild trip. How can i help on days that dont happn to be a saturday.

  2. Harrison Cabral says:

    I would like to ride this Saturday, April 11.

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