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We’ve been busy!

ReBicycle is ready for spring, we just need you. We are just about a fully functioning bicycle shop! We’ve got tools, parts, and also bikes in need of work. We have also recently received a generous gift! The donor gave the money in order to fund burrito batches for sometime to come from his church, but a portion will also be allocated for supporting ReBicycle so that we can continue to provide support for the community. ReBicycle is entirely donation-based, and our motto still stands: “If we have the tools, the parts, and the knowledge… We’ll fix it for free!” This gift, and others, allow us to purchase some much needed items, such as tires, tubes, cables, housing, chains, grease and lubes, patches, and MORE. We’ll definitely have the parts!

We are always looking for bikes, adult models in serviceable condition. And we are ALWAYS looking for people who love to work on bicycles, especially when they enjoy doing so in service to their community. Volunteers wanted! If you would like to serve with the Burrito Riders and ReBicycle, we’re just an email away.


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