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The ReBicycle Shop is not currently open for service, due to COVID-19 precautionary measures. We miss serving in this fashion, but have to think of the health and safety of our clients and volunteers! We will update the page when we can open back up!

ReBicycle is an idea that grew (rather quickly) from a “What if…” to a “How could we…” and into a “When can we…”

ReBicycle is a chance for folks with very little to get a bicycle and potentially change the way that they experience life.

ReBicycle is about freedom granted.

The Burrito Riders' ReBicycle Shop

The Burrito Riders’ ReBicycle Shop

The ReBicycle Shop is our volunteer-driven, non-profit bicycle shop. We serve primarily the homeless and those living with low-income, providing free repairs and service.

Our ReBicycle program enables qualifying clients to provide volunteer service hours in exchange for a refurbished bicycle of their own.

Our hours are volunteer-dependent, and they are subject to change based on availability.

I make it a goal to open the shop twice weekly, Wednesdays and Fridays from approximately 2pm until 4:30pm.

If you would like to volunteer with ReBicycle outside of the posted hours, please contact us to set up special workshop hours.

Please also feel free to visit our donation page if you’d like to help support our mission. In addition to financial donations, which are critical for us to be able to invest in the tools, parts, and resources necessary for running the shop, we’re also always looking for donations of used adult bicycles and parts, in serviceable condition.

Stay CONNECTED with the Burrito Riders on Facebook and Twitter, and while you’re there we’d love for you to SHARE this information so that we can grow as the word spreads!


Everyone has something to give… What have you got?


Early street outreach, before we had a “home” for ReBicycle

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