As for our general donation efforts, our first priority is to get rears on saddles and burritos in hands, or wrenches in hand for those helping ReBicycle, but not everyone can make the food, ride the route, or work on bicycles.

If riding and rolling don’t suit you, and your wrenches are maybe a bit rusty, but you still want to love on folks within our communities, here’s how you can support the BR too: Donate.

For those who prefer to give electronically, please feel free to use Paypal. If you would prefer to utilize PayPal, email us for our PayPal account and we’ll gladly provide it to you.

The monetary donations that we receive are used to spread joy throughout our communities. With them we are able to provide services, as well as opportunities for people who would love to help, but maybe can’t afford to give themselves. Donations enable us to provide the supplies and create opportunities for others to provide the heart and craftsmanship necessary in making our burritos. We have also launched our ReBicycle program, along with the ReBicycle Shop in Huntington, and would love your support for that area as well. ReBicycle provides free service and repairs, as well as maintaining a bicycle donation program that allows us to rehab used bicycles and provide them to members of the community who would like to earn one through volunteer service. Everything we do at ReBicycle is free of charge, but our parts and supplies do cost us money to provide. We can give it all away because we appreciate that it has been given to us for that purpose.

The BurritoRiders, Inc. is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity. We are able to provide tax incentives for our generous donors!

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