Important Links, y’all!

Periodically I like to remind folks that the blog is just one thing we have. You are invited to click through these at your leisure…

Sign up for our email updates, because you need to know things! Share this URL on FB , Twitter, etc, so people can receive updates on our activities and requests for volunteer help:

“Like” us on Facebook, Louisville or Huntington, because growth! We need to spread the word about what we do so that more people can learn about how to support their community through the BR! (Then Share us, too!)

You may not be a bicycle rider, you may not fancy yourself a cook, but you can always donate! Check out the donation page to learn how your donations are used.

We have a few irons in the services fire, you can check out our Wish List to see items that we need. Perhaps you would like to donate some of these items, or could help to generate some donations.

The easiest way to serve with the BR, is by talking about us and getting the word out. What could be easier than wearing us for everyone to see? Our t-shirts start at $10 and are a stylish way to help spread our mission out in the world! We’ll be placing an order soon, check out the selections!

Anything else you might need? You can email us at or and ask whatever you like! We’d love to help you have a better understanding of what we do!

Love service!

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