Extra, Extra!

Let me start by saying, Huntington has

a heart for service.


Since arriving in my hometown to begin laying the groundwork for the BR, WV-style, I have discovered that it’s not been tough to get a foothold around here! People began to hear about  this thing when the Parthenon ran their article about us, thank you Marla!

Having been out to hand-out cards and network, what I’m finding is that a bunch of folks have ALREADY heard about us and are interested in what we’re bringing to H. I went out Saturday for a ride with my ‘bro’-in-law, Edison, and we were approached by an awesome couple, passionate to serve, on the street because they recognized my t-shirt! (FYI, I really only wear BR shirts anymore! hahaha, my poor wife…)

So, we’re completely excited to have been featured in the Herald Dispatch this morning! If you don’t have an “analog copy,” check it out online!

photo 1Huge gratitude to Dave Lavender at the HD for putting this story together for us! (Especially the part where I’m described as a “thirty-something rocker!” Random hilarity!)

Here is just some of what we’ve loved about launching in Htgn:

– The community is excited and hungry to help in this mission! We’ve come in contact with individuals and orgs who have welcomed us with open arms, and that’s been phenomenal.

– Pat and his crew at Black Sheep Burritos and Brews have jumped onboard and pledged to provide burritos and assorted on-going means of support (more on that to come!) for the BR, which has been a huge blessing. Also, we’re using Black Sheep as our meet-up spot. See you at 8:30am on Saturday!

– We’ve found a great community of support with pastor Tracy Tooley and ReGeneration Church! This is a church that we’ve been attending in Huntington, a brand new church plant full of excitement, enthusiasm, and a desire to cultivate a new missional community of faith here in Huntington. They are all-in for the BR! I got to talk a little bit about what we do during the service yesterday and am very blessed to be involved with these folks!

So come out and serve with us! This week we’re talking to folks and making the burritos. Saturday morning we’ll meet at Black Sheep at 8:30am. I’m told that, on Saturdays, we can park with no problem in the lot across 3rd Ave from the restaurant, and then we’ll just gather at the cafe. If you would like to make burritos, ride, donate, or serve in ANY capacity with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out and say hello. tim@burritoriders.org

“Like” us, and Share us, at Facebook.com/burritoridersWV and /burritoriders (for the Louisville originals, go CARDS!).

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