About ReBicycle


The ReBicycle Shop is not currently open for service, due to COVID-19 precautionary measures. We miss serving in this fashion, but have to think of the health and safety of our clients and volunteers!

We will update the page when we can open back up!

ReBicycle needs your donations!

Our ReBicycle program is continually in need of adult bicycles in serviceable condition! We will also glad receive financial donations (we’re tax-deductable!) that we can then use to purchase the parts that we require to perform repairs and rehabs of bicycles. We are entirely donations-supported and volunteer powered so we don’t charge for anything. Our services our a gift to the community since it all came from gifts to our organization.

So, what is ReBicycle anyway? It started as a way for people in the community we serve to get a bike of their own, in part by giving back. This bicycle may be a way for them to find work, meet obligations, perhaps even just enjoy the pleasure that comes with riding a bicycle and feeling a sense of freedom. The way our program works is that we’ll provide opportunities for folks to give volunteer service in the community, a minimum of 10 hours, after which the participant will have earned their own bicycle. With that, we provide a lock, in the hopes that they’ll not lose their bicycles, as well as a helmet if they’ll wear one!

ReBicycle logo

What is ReBicycle now? It’s our nonprofit bicycle shop! After seeing our monthly street repair outreaches on their sidewalk, the Executive Director of Harmony House, Bob Hansen, came to us with an offer we couldn’t pass up, space on their property to operate our program out of. What started as just an empty room in which to stash bikes and refurb them, has become a great little bike shop where we have been able to build up a decent inventory of tools and parts. In addition to running the ReBicycle program, we now offer repairs and maintenence to homeless clients, as well as similarly economically marginalized. We are the stop-gap for the people who rely on their bikes but can’t afford to visit one of our great local pro bike shops. Our unofficial mantra is “If we have the tools, parts, and know-how, we’ll do it for free!”


Our next phase at the ReBicycle Shop is to begin providing more hands-on learning. This summer, we were awarded a small seed grant in order to increase our ability to provide the tools and resources to teach people the skills necessary in order to empower them to care for their own bikes, as well as others’. We have already seen a great result from doing this on a small scale. As people have come through our shop, observed what we do, asked questions and picked up tools, we’ve begun to develop our own grow-your-own program for volunteers. Some of our early clients have gone on to become volunteers, working of the bikes of others in their community. So amazing to be able to watch someone’s passion for bike work ignite and flourish, so blessed to be able to be a part of that. Our space is small, and we’ll work within that, but we’ll soon have plenty more tools and resources for folks to come learn and practice their skills!

Early Shop

ReBicycle: the early days

Now, more than 2 years later, we are so thankful for the opportunities that this shop has opened up for us to be able to build relationships and serve those who have needs. We would love to invite you to come lend a heart as well! The Burrito Riders have already given out several bikes, and in the process we have helped to provide more than 200 hours of volunteer service to Harmony House. We have seen the joy and purpose that accompany those bicycles in their new life. This is still just the beginning of ReBicycle, but it may also be the beginning of something much bigger in the community. Reach out to help or learn more!

Our hours are volunteer-dependent, so if YOU are interested in volunteering with ReBicycle, but our set hours don’t suit you, please reach out and we can arrange special shop hours or we can get more creative to help you get involved. Come see us!

Please feel free to visit our donation page if you’d like to help support our mission. We’re also always looking for donations of used adult bicycles and parts, in reasonably good condition. We’d love for you to SHARE this information so that we can grow as the word spreads!

Everyone has something to give… What have you got?


Early street outreach, before we had a “home” for ReBicycle

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