Great first ReBicycle event!

Just wanted to let y’all know that yesterday was our first ReBicycle Outreach and… It was awesome. So much love for Aaron, Richard, and Sean for coming out and wrenching with us! (I say this in full acknowledgement of the fact that they wrenched considerably more than myself…) We worked on bicycles both brought to us by their owners, as well as donated bicycles inching ever closer to a state worthy of being given out.

Here’s the deal. This event was designed to be an opportunity for clients of Harmony House, as well as some of the folks living next door in the HH-owned apartments, to bring their bikes out and receive FREE health checks, adjustments, minor repairs. Basically, our motto was that if was had the tools, parts, and knowledge to fix it, we’d do it for free. We received great feedback, and were able to provide some much needed assistance, so we’ve decided that this is going to be a MONTHLY endeavor. We will probably continue to make use of Harmony House as our event venue (for as long as they’ll have us), but will spread marketing further to draw in more folks.

Also, we were able to add a couple more people to our program list. I’m also pretty thrilled to tell you that two of the people on our list have already begun their volunteer service in order to earn their bicycle! Who wants to jump in and help us get these bikes ready for them?

We’ve gone ahead and created a brief page for #ReBicycle, but will add and update it as the program blossoms. Go ahead and check out the page, some info and a definite wish-list of things we need to make this thing happen in a big way.

It’s late, because that’s apparently the only time I can get some bloggin’ done, and I abhor the way WordPress handles photos in posts, so here’s just a bunch of pictures that I’m not even gonna try to arrange prettily! 😉


Aaron, in search of the elusive pinhole leak! (He found that sucker too!)



Loaded up after the gig. You can’t see it, but there are three bikes inside the van, and another on top!






We’ll call this one “Rough Rider” if we can find a proper tire for it!









Tools, tires, tubes…









Kids need bikes too, so we have a couple more for Sean to rehab and donate


His rear hub is fried, we’ll be revisiting Jim’s bike before too long! He did get a flat fixed and his brakes aligned and adjusted though.


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