Are you flying the Flag?

My girl!

My girl!

This is Brennan, one of our inspirations for all of this Burrito Riders stuff we do. It was so adorable how excited she was to get her own BR sweatshirt, she wouldn’t let me leave the print shop without opening the box and letting her don hers. She’s a cutie-pie, and she’s flying the flag. So can you!

Typically, the BR shirt order is specific to people who have requested and paid for up front, but we have some additional shirts available now for folks who might like to have one and just missed out on the last round of orders.

Here’s what we’ve got available. Our “standard-issue” Burrito Rider green in unisex L and XL, our “Rode Crew” (safety green with reflective silver ink) in unisex M and L, and standard issue BR green hooded sweatshirts in L and XL. Oh, and one Youth S BR green t-shirt for the tiniest rider in your life. Standard-issue: $10, Rode Crew: $12, and sweatshirts: $17. Let me know if you would like to snatch one up, very limited supply.

We also plan to order again, in the future, so if there is a size or color that you would like, but can’t find here, email me or comment on this blog (right here) and I’ll start compiling a list until we have enough quantity to place an order.

Colors and styles

Colors and styles

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