Huntington is Happening!

We have some AWESOME activity coming out of both of our Burrito Riders’ camps this week!

Chris and Tim, makin' it happen for people who need them.

Chris and Tim, makin’ it happen for people who need them.

First off, from the Huntington gang, we are ready to love on some homeless vets in the area! The BRH hasn’t even held its first official ride and we somehow already have boots on the ground! The Homeless Veterans Resource Center sent out a call to help provide meals to homeless vets celebrating Armed Services Week. The BRH was ready to answer the call and stepped up with what will probably be about 120 burritos spread out over two days of breakfasts. I wish I could be there to help too, but you guys have got this!

The level of support that has come forward to help care for our vets, as well as our awesome Xmas Eve(nt)!, makes me very optimistic for the success of a Huntington Burrito Riders group. Monster thanks go out to my BRH burrito chefs: Chris, Haven, Brandi, my mother-in-law Kathy and nephew Clay, my mom and sisters, Robin, Michelle, and Paige. Also appreciation for my delivery crew, Jim and Edison! All of these folks had family who helped or supported them in some way as well, it’s a lot of people that make this all happen each month.

Also, speaking of “makin’ it happen in Htgn,” take a moment to check out another awesome non-profit group working to make things better in Huntington. My friend, the above-mentioned Chris (Wood), is a partner in an awesome organization that brings music to kids who might not otherwise have access to it. They describe ShineOn! Studios as a way to provide “no cost music and art lessons for at risk and special needs children.” Here’s also an article on why groups like ShineOn! are so critically important to our kids. If you do the FB thing, “Like” these guys and then “Share” them with your FB friends! We can’t do enough to support those who support our community!

ShineOn! Studios

ShineOn! Studios

Thank you, Huntington, I can’t wait to ride with you!

(I’ll try not to say “Awesome!” quite so much…)

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