Wild, Wonderful West Virginia Service!

My lovely wife, Amanda, directing the kitchen

My lovely wife, Amanda, directing the kitchen

Well, success in the WV! Huge thanks to the folks of Huntington who supported the BR and came out for this phenomenal service opportunity! We had a whole bunch of folks out on Sunday night to help cook and assemble the burritos; there were family and old friends there to help, and lots of kids to entertain us while we worked. All in all, we produced 286 burritos for the local community! I don’t know yet all of the particulars from our Louisville effort, Christmas busy-ness and all, but as I understand it we put out about 200 burritos in the 5-0-2! More to come on that leg of the tour as I connect with folks there.
In addition to our 286 burritos, we also dispatched volunteers to the Ronald McDonald
House early on Christmas Eve so that they could cook a wonderful pasta dinner (and lots of it!), complete with bread and salad, for a different sort of displaced folks; people who are having to be away from their families because they have a child, or children, in the local hospital.

The Rolling Crew!

The Rolling Crew!

Christmas Eve morning, several of us went down to the Huntington City Mission and handed out burritos during their breakfast. It was so awesome to see all of these folks there with the BR, begin to grab gloves and help out wherever they were needed around the Mission dining room; we served food and drinks, talked and shared, and cleared plates. We distributed about 142 burritos inside of the mission and then a couple of us left there and headed over to a local domestic violence shelter and gave 30 more for the women and children living there.
Yesterday, Wednesday, a few of us got the remaining 114 burritos and delivered them to both the Homeless Veterans Resource Center , as well as making a second stop at the City Mission. I loved the amazing support we got within our home community, including First United Methodist Church generously supplying the kitchen, and we will do this again (albeit on a smaller scale) for future weekends spent at home. Once we do it for the first time, it just makes it easier to do it again!

The Whole Burrito Gang!

The Whole Burrito Gang!

Clearly, we did it big for Huntington’s first BR event, but every time we serve, whether it’s 50 burritos or 250, we do it BIG because we love BIG. Come check out what we do sometime! If you haven’t volunteered with us yet, now is the time. Share this email, visit our Facebook page, check out our new site, this one,  which we’ll soon be migrating to the burritoriders.org URL. Spread the word and help us grow this thing!

Danny and Jessica, labelin'

Danny and Jessica, labelin’

Brennan, supplying the motivation

Brennan, supplying the motivation

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