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Live Music Thursday

Live Music Thursday

This past week has been pretty phenomenal. Starting with last Saturday, some really exciting things have taken place. Every ride is awesome, because every time we go out we are bringing together the opportunities both to serve and to bond with our team. We are surrounded by some very incredible and generous folks who we are blessed to be associated with. Before I go on too long, one of the most fun aspects of this most recent ride was getting to see Brennan and Fiona serve together! Hand two 6 year old girls a bag of burritos and wind ’em up! They were awesome and it was so great to watch them give, and to see how their presence impacted all of the people around them. They were beaming and seemed to be very proud to be helping out. Obviously the moms and dads involved were VERY proud. (Anyone who knows Brennan will easily be able to picture her, the consummate pro with one Burrito Ride under her belt already, taking Fiona by the hand and mother-henning her about everything she has to look forward to and every thing that they need to do!)

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So that was fabulous and fun. I also had the opportunity to meet Missy Browning (finally!) and all of the amazing folks behind Marshall University’s Med School field operations. It was pretty intense to see their set-up with the tents and the mobile unit, all of the Med Students volunteering their time to help and gain some great experience. Obviously I was so impressed that I completely neglected to take ANY pictures. I’m getting better about documenting though, I promise. Anyhoo, these folks are doing a great service within the community by coming out on the 4th Saturday of each month and providing a wide spectrum of on-the-spot medical care and check-ups. You kinda have to see it in action to believe it!

This, you know about the BR: Our formula is simple, but our mission is more complex. From our perspective, the burritos, while important for providing a healthy and filling meal, are merely a vehicle to help us arrive at our true destination, which is building relationships within the community of need and showing God’s love. We want to learn names and histories, so that we can build trust and begin to understand how we can help individuals at the ground level. (I would say that it’s NOT actually about the Burrito at all, but be on the look-out for Amanda’s upcoming blog post contradicting this statement.)

First off, I love that Huntington is displaying a burgeoning vitality. There is a new, growing energy in the 304 and it’s a welcome feeling. We have a ways to go, but we’re headed in the right direction. One of the growing community activities is the Live Music Thursdays down at Pullman Square. Free music, lots of folks out milling about (and the occasional line dance too), people enjoying downtown again. Here is where we have observed something else that has been awesome this week.

Through the BR and through our involvement with Harmony House we have begun to know the folks who we serve. We get to spend time talking with them and getting to know their stories and their circumstances, our raison d’être. Thursdays at Pullman has become another opportunity for fellowship within the community! We go down and know that we’re going to see folks like Robert, Stan, and others. It’s very nice to be able to spend time with them, as peers, introducing them to our kids and family, enjoying music with them while we chat, and just doing the kinds of simple things that friends do. And then this happens too…


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