Rain or shine


When it rains it pours, eh? This past weekend I had the wonderful fortune to make it to Louisville for a Burrito Ride with my LouCrew and the weather was pretty awful, but the ride was still pretty wonderful.

This past weekend’s ride in the Lou was exceptional for a couple of different reasons. First off, we had a burrito deficit leading up to the ride. Come Thursday we were like “Hmmm… where are all of the burritos going to come from?” I put the call out on the wire and God provided, but I have a theory about that provision. The community made it rain burritos on us, probably to the tune of about 250+ hot breakfast burritos.  However,  just so we wouldn’t get too cocky, God gave us a nice cold rain to ride in to, you know, keep us humble. 😉 I had company, but there was no misery to be seen. Curt, Richie, Stephanie and I were moistened, but not dampened. (I could do this all day!)

John and Maya came out for the send-off and brought us more burritos, and we were joined by WFPL reporter Laura Valentine! Laura has long been interested in what we do and has wanted to join us, but work gets in the way. She was able to make magic on this morning, however, and came out to record our ride and spend some time with us post-ride so we could share about the BR for what will hopefully become a broadcast story on 89.3! This was a great time, but we’ll get to that.

It was just so great to be back in the 502 and hanging out at our regular stops with folks I hadn’t seen in months. True to form, I, when given an opportunity to be on the news, will somehow embarrass myself and the BR! This latest opportunity was owed to my being challenged to a Vanilla Ice-off by one of our regulars. I was able to rock out the entire first verse, handing him the second, which he nailed. Never a dull moment on the ride, eh? (Laura, edit kindly!)

Prior to my Vanilla Ice moment, I had the opportunity to meet Julia, or “Smurf,” as she’s known on the street. Amazing to get to hear from her and understand even a small part of what she’s endured on the street. She’s been homeless since November and is trying to get herself back together. She wanted to speak to me about getting a donated bike. While she wanted one very much, she was more insistent that she be able to get one for her friend, if at all possible. Her friend recently managed to get a job, but was struggling to make the long walk across town to work. Smurf also told me about some of the challenges that she faces as a woman on the street and what she sees as obstacles for women and families. Her biggest desire, as she tells it to me, is to get back on her feet and work her way into an opportunity to try and create a day shelter that is for women and children. She lamented that on Saturdays the only day shelter that welcomes women is Jeff Street, and they close at noon. She had no idea what she was going to do to stay warm and dry after she left Jeff St.

We talk to folks like this all of the time, people who want better and desperately seek opportunities to make it better.

My cognitive dissonance moment of the day was brought to us by the 139th Kentucky Derby. It was discomfortingly surreal to be riding through downtown, in the rain, looking for folks to serve and to see all of the folks in expensive clothes and cars, at expensive restaurants and hotels, preparing for a lavish afternoon of leisure, seemingly oblivious to those in need around them. This isn’t a righteous indignation rant, but we (myself included here!) do spend so much money and attention on things that are not even important, like the newest gadget, home decor, and excessive wardrobes. We do not give nearly enough. These rides have changed my family’s perspective in so many ways.

Give. Serve. Love. For real. (lecture over)

So, we had a really great ride with some awesome folks, and we capped it with a stop at our regular coffee joint, Please & Thank You. The 5 of us enjoyed some coffee and come company and had a great time being interviewed for the local public radio. We love to talk about the BR, so you know we had a good time. 😉 If the segment gets picked up for broadcast, I’ll let you know right here and on our FB pages for Lou and the H.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment, and we’d love to serve with you! Give us a holla!

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