A new page for a growing group?

Welcome to the potentially new home of the Burrito Riders of Louisville on the web! We are trying out this WordPress page as a possible affordable web solution in order to have a presence beyond just Facebook, handy as that is.

We have been growing slowly and steadily since we had our first Burrito Ride, back in mid-March. That morning, five of us set out with 10 burritos which took us all of three hours to give away as we fumbled through downtown Louisville attempting to figure out what potential this ministry had. Now several months, and 2500 burritos later, we are a solid fixture in the downtown community. Each ride, for us, is an opportunity to connect with someone new, provide them with a warm, hearty burrito, and show them some love and respect.

In the time that we have been committed to this service, my biggest realization has been the fact that we are not so different from the folks we serve. Too many of us live on the knife’s edge, balancing security against tragedy, and for a lot of people out there the margin is slim. Many of your neighbors may be one car breakdown, or one ER visit, away from calamity. The rumors and accusations that exist about the population in need are inaccurate and many people would be surprised to discover that these are good people who want to improve their situation and just need a chance to redeem themselves.

The Burrito Riders will do what we can to serve this community and respect those who are in need. This isn’t charity, this is brotherhood. If we don’t take care of each other, who will?

Here are some places that you can find us:

Our Facebook page is http://facebook.com/burritoriders

You can sign up for our emailing list (please do!) here.

You can reach Tim Adkins via email.

Want to see “how we roll?” Our recipe is here, and our DIY rolling video is here.

Want to support the BR, but can’t ride or cook? You can donate and enable others to cook, who might not otherwise be able to afford to!

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