Shirts & Mugs

Please have a look at some of the cool Burrito Riders branded items available for purchase! We haven’t gone so far as to figure out the whole e-commerce angle though, so if you see something you’d like to order just drop us an email and let us know what it is that you’d like! To keep our overhead low, we take requests and fulfill orders when we have collected enough requests.

Grab a Mug for a Good Cause! Your morning coffee never looked so good before! Our mugs are handcrafted by Jason Kiley at One Eyed Cat Curiosities and Crafts, and each is a one-of-a-kind. These mugs will hold your favorite Venti (20oz) beverage, with room to spare for cream. Total volume to the brim is almost 24oz! $30 to request yours today! We did a small run initially, orders for mugs will be collected and a second, larger order will be placed soon.

Mugs Fly the Burrito Riders flag today, and grab some attention for the cause! Order a shirt TODAY! They’re available is three basic styles, and several sizes! Help to spread the word about the Burrito Riders!

OurShirts* Our standard Burrito Riders shirt is available in Unisex, Wmns, and Youth sizes XS-XL for $12.00. ($2.50 add’l charge for XXL-XXXL)

* Our Burrito Riders shirt in long sleeve, featuring the ‘#ReBicycle’ hashtag down the sleeves, is available in Unisex, Wmns, and Youth sizes XS-XL for $15.00. ($2.50 add’l charge for XXL-XXXL)


* Our “Road Crew” shirt, in hi-vis safety green with reflective ink, is available for $15.00. Great for visibility on the road!  ($2.50 add’l charge for XXL-XXXL)

* Our hooded Burrito Riders sweatshirts for $25 for Unisex and Wmns ($2.50 add’l charge for XXL-XXXL). $20 for Youth sizes S-XL.

To order, simply email

If you live in Louisville, we’ll need to mail it to you. Shipping is about $4, USPS. If you would like to use Paypal, you are welcome to add $.50 per shirt to offset the Paypal charge for making a purchase through them.

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